Basic parameters:

Thermal power 19,2 - 158* kW
Efficiency: 9 000 — 10 000 m3/h
Mass: 73-85 kg
Colour: red-black**
Cover: ABS plastic

*min: temperature of heating medium 40/30°C, air temperature at the inlet 20°C,
max: temperature of heating medium 90/70°C, air temperature at the inlet 0°C
**RAL 3020 and RAL 9005

Product indexes:
54057, 54058


The fan heater is dedicated for use inside buildings.

Fan is equipped with three phase IP55 motor. Heater exchanger coated with special cataphoresis layer proof the unit against corrosion. Lamellas on the exchanger are thicker than ordinary and can be cleaned with pressured water. Additionally, locking latches give easy access to interior of the unit what significantly reduces time of service and maintenance work. Hinged construction and special opening clamps make it possible to use the unit as an air mixer.


AGRO HT is designated for agricultural facilities, mainly poultry farms, piggeries and corrosive environment. 


AGRO HT fan heaters can be controlled with FLOWAIR standard automatics (details in operation and maintenance documentation) or with a microclimate controller.

Technology /Innovation/Benefits

  • Dust-proof and water-proof fan – protection class IP55.
  • Casing can be opened – easy service and cleaning access.
  • Cleaning with Pressure Washer 

Technical data AGRO HT

Max. airflow [m3/h] 10 000 9 000
Heating capacity* [kW] 19,2-117 26,8-158
Power supply [V/Hz] 3x400 / 50
Max current consumption [A] 1,6
Max. power consumption [W] 630
IP 55 / F
Max acoustic pressure level **[dB(A)] 72,8
Max heating water temperature [oC] 95
Max operating pressure [MPa] 1,6
Connection 1”
Weight of unit [kg] [kg] 73 85
Weight of unit filled with water [kg] 83 102
Revolutions per minute [rpm] 955
Max.air stream without 6-SIDE OUTLET DIFFUSOR [m]*** 48 43
Max.air stream with 6-SIDE OUTLET DIFFUSOR [m/side]*** 15

*min. - temperature of heating medium 40/30o C, air temperature at the supply to the device 20o C;
  max. - temperature of heating medium 90/70o C, air temperature at the supply to the device 0o C
**acoustic pressure level has been measured 5 m from the unit in a 1500 m3 space with a medium sound absorption coefficient
***range of horizontal isothermal air stream, at 0,5 m/s velocity limit

Main dimensions AGRO HT